Paying for my Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job") through Finance

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How to Finance a "Nose Job"

The most obvious way to pay for a "Nose Job" is to try to save the money before the surgery. Of course this takes time and sometimes isn’t the most practical method of financing the surgery even though it is the most secure. Otherwise there are often payment plans available from private health clinics which can help breakdown the cost into manageable payments. If the rhinoplasty is 'reconstructive' or for 'essential medical' reasons then it is possible to get help paying for the surgery, such as through the NHS or through some private healthcare providers, however in most cases you are unlikely to receive any financial help. To find out your eligibility for the NHS then the best thing to do is make an appointment with your GP and see if they can offer any further information or advice about having your rhinoplasty paid for you. If you have private medical insurance then they may pay for the surgery for you but you will need to prove the same kind of medical need for the surgery as with the NHS. The best thing to do is ask your insurer what your coverage is to find out your options.

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