How Long Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job") Lasts

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Permanence of Rhinoplasty

As a general expectation a "Nose Job" is meant to be most effective the first time it is performed and the end results should be and are usually permanent. Naturally the aging process will have an effect on the appearance of your nose as your face changes, but the overall reshaping and new nasal structure should remain. Despite the permanence of nose reshaping surgery, many people still revisit their surgeon to keep track of the progress of their nose. This way, if they feel any changes do need to be made, they are able to consult their doctor and discuss their options.

There is the possibility that you may want to reshape your nose again as you age and in accordance with you face maturing, or simply want to touch up your surgery after the initial rhinoplasty. If you wish to do this then you should consider revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty literally means ‘review’ or ‘amendment’ nose reshaping surgery. This procedure can be ideal for enhancing or revising aspects of your nose shape after the first rhinoplasty.

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