Booking an Appointment for Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job")

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Your "Nose Job" Consultation

If you want to know more about rhinoplasty ("Nose Job"s), the first thing to do is find a cosmetic surgery provider you feel you are comfortable with before you book an appointment with them. This can be done a number of ways: research on the Internet, asking people who have undergone rhinoplasty before, or using a professional organisation who can recommend good surgeons. When you have found someone you feel comfortable with book a consultation with them to discuss the surgery. You may find you are able to a have a short initial consultation on the phone or via e-mail with your surgeon, which is normally free, before you book a longer consultation for which you’ll have to pay.

What to Expect at Your Rhinoplasty Appointment

Make sure you arrive on time to your nose reshaping consultation. Although ideally you should be seen on time straight away, do make allowances if the surgeon is a little late. A good plastic surgeon may have emergency appointments which they have to fill and a good clinic can be expected to be a busy one. Once you’ve met your surgeon, be sure to interview them and ask them about the surgery. Make sure you’re fully comfortable with the rhinoplasty procedure and with them performing it. The surgeon should make you feel at ease and in good hands and you should feel fully informed about the procedure and their vision of your new nose.

From your first rhinoplasty appointment you can expect to have the cost of the surgery accurately quoted to you. You should also have an idea of what it is the surgeon is able and intending to do with your nose, the techniques they will use and an idea of the final outcome of the surgery.

What to Observe at the Cosmetic Clinic

When you arrive at the clinic make sure you take in the surroundings as these can be a good indicator of the quality of the practice. Check that the surroundings are clean and that the staff are friendly, good standards of hygiene and happy staff often mean a well run and high quality surgery. If you are kept waiting a little while for your appointment this isn’t necessarily an indication of bad service, it is more likely that the surgery is busy and is a well used and therefore well trusted clinic. However if at any point during the process of the appointment you feel in any way neglected, highlight this, as it may mean that the practice is more interested in their gain than your well being. If you feel this may be the case then perhaps find another cosmetic clinic.

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