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Whilst they are very rare, complications and side effects can occur after nose reshaping surgery. You can reduce your personal level of risk by living a healthy lifestyle. Generally speaking people who are unfit, smoke or suffer from a medical condition stand a greater chance of encountering problems post surgery. Complications are unlikely to arise, in fact only 5% of patients experience them, but it is safer to be prepared and understand the possible risks.

There are risks which are associated with all surgical procedures and some which mostly apply just to rhinoplasty. Where any risk is concerned, understand that your surgeon and the aftercare programme you have with your clinic should aid you if you are to encounter any problems after your surgery.

Risks of Surgery

Some risks are present in all surgery simply because of the nature of surgery. These tend to be common encounters which generally aren’t too problematic but still worth watching out for:

  • Blood clots (known as ‘haematoma’) or excessive bleeding
  • Blood clot in the lungs (known as ‘pulmonary embolism’)
  • Infected wounds
  • Unexpected or unpleasant reactions to general anaesthetic
  • Scarring

Risks with "Nose Job"s

  • Impaired, decreased or altered sense of smell and sometimes taste (known as ‘anosmia’)
  • Nasal blockage
  • ‘Rhinitis’ – an inflammation of the nose which can cause itchiness, running, swelling and sneezing
  • Bone irregularity (which can result after bone reshaping)
  • Injury of the eyes (if damage has been incurred to the tear ducts) causing symptoms such as swelling or watering
  • ‘Tired’ eyes or dark circles (a retention of blood pigments in the skin)
  • Drooping or retracted columella (the skin between the nostrils at the end of the septum)
  • Intracranial problems (problems, often bleeding, within the cranium i.e. skull) such as meningitis
  • Scarring, broken capillaries and thread veins
  • Minor skin problems, such as numbness at the tip of the nose or pigmentation

Remember that these side effects and complications are very rare. If you do experience any of the above, whatever the complication, your surgeon is there to help you and make sure to correct the problem as quickly as possible and to ease your discomfort as soon as they can. It is unlikely but possible that surgery known as ‘revision rhinoplasty’ may be necessary to correct some of the more problematic abnormalities that can occur.

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