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Rhinoplasty Suffolk

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK. Many people are unhappy with the shape or size of their nose and what is commonly known as a "nose job," can help give people the confidence that they need. There are various types of Rhinoplasty including minor alterations to the bridge of the nose, to reducing the overall size of the nose to ethnic rhinoplasty.

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Clinics offering Rhinoplasty can be found across the country including in Suffolk (or local to Suffolk). If you would like to book an appointment for Rhinoplasty, choose a clinic from the list below.

Rhinoplasty in Suffolk & near Suffolk


BMI Healthcare St Edmunds Hospital

St Mary's Square
Bury St Edmunds
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 2AA
Tel: 01284 701 371
Details: Rhinoplasties are regularly performed out of St Edmunds Hospital, which offers both open and closed rhinoplasties, depending on which service you are looking for. A closed rhinoplasty only involves surgical incisions inside your nose to minimise any surgical scarring, and is a good choice if you are happy with the orientation of your nose and its tip. An open surgery is required if your nose needs to be straightened, or in some cases where your surgeon needs better access and control of the procedure. Either procedure can be a good choice for you, and comes down to what you want from the surgery and the result of your initial consultation, during which your surgeon will discuss your wants and how best to achieve them with you.

Nuffield Health Ipswich Hospital

Foxhall Road
Tel: 01473 279100
Details: A rhinoplasty will typically be done under the effects of a general anaesthetic, and depending on the extent of the surgery to be performed, can take from between 1-2 hours on average. At the Ipswich Hospital you will probably be kept overnight for observation, and be instructed to take at least 10-14 days' rest for healing. Following these stages you will possess a new nose of your design.