Ellipse Multiflex – IPL, Nd: YAG

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The Ellipse system works by focusing the pulsed light on the melanin within your hair follicles, breaking the blood supply to the hair so preventing any further growth.  This system will need to be used more than once for best results, and only hair in the growth phase will be effectively treated.  The Ellipse system is isually notpainful for the client, with only a very short prick of heat on the skin.

The Ellipse system can be used all over the body and for most skin types, however it is most effective when the skin is of a lighter colour than the hair that you wish to remove. 

The Ellipse Multiflex system allows more advanced practitioners even more control and flexibility by allowing an over-ride of the systems own analysis.  This is password protected, and ensures that highly trained clinicians can tailor treatments even more effectively.  This allows laser hair removal through an ellipse system for all skin types.

Other treatments available through the use of the Ellipse Multiflex

The ellipse multiflex system also allows skin treatments on top of effective laser hair removal.  These include:

  • Pigmentation correction
  • Acne treatment
  • Leg vein removal
  • Fine line and wrinkle reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation

Therapists are trained by Ellipse system themselves, on how to use the machine.

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