Lumina – Wavelength Variable

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The Lumina laser system is a hair removal machine developed in the UK by Lynton Lasers. 

This laser system utilises a range of laser frequencies, in order to perform multiple treatments including hair removal.  The lasers used include IPL, long-pulsed wavelengths and Q-switched multi-use laser system that can be used to perform IPL, long pulsed and Q-Switched laser treatments.  This means that the practitioner performing your hair removal can easily change the wavelength of the laser, allowing greater customisation and perhaps less irritation. 

Due to the flexible nature of the laser used within the Lumina system, many different skin tones can be treated, and even deep hair growth can be targeted.  This system is close to universal, and can treat skin tone 6, (dark skin), with reportedly good results.  It is thought that the Lumina hair removal device can successfully remove 50% of hairs within the relevant growth cycle in one session, so allowing a complete hair removal to be complete between 6 and 10 treatments.

Additional treatments performed by Lumina

The Q-switched laser contained within the Lumina machine can be used to remove tattoos and to correct pigmentation irregularities.  The system keeps a detailed and accurate record of patients treated, and can provide print-outs of their data.  Digital imaging can also be performed through the Lumina system, allowing your practitioner as accurate an account of your skin and hair growth as possible. 

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