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These smaller laser systems are perfect for someone who is constantly moving around, and has proven very popular with mobile skin therapists.  These are suitable for skin rejuvenation and hair removal.  The ipulse machines use a constant level of light throughout the entire pulse of treatment.  This means that the light is more intense, and the treatment more economical, using the energy in a more effective manner.

The ipulse machine comes in three different sizes and models. 

  • I200+ - This machine is very portable, and can be used in most clinics or within the home weighing 14 kg.  It can use wavelengths within 530 and 1200nm, making it easily adjustable for different skin types. 
  • I300 – This model can be purchased either as a table-top system or already mounted onto a moveable trolley.  This model is very cost efficient, utilising the energy effectively making it an economical system.  The i300 is a very inexpensive machine, and the replacement lamps are also a very competitive price.
  • I400 – This is the latest ipulse machine, and is very compact and stylish.  The set-up has been improved so that adjustment for the individual client is very quick and easy.

Other treatments available through the use of ipulse laser systems

As well as laser hair removal, the ipulse machines can treat a wide range of skin problems.  These include:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatments
  • Freckle removal
  • Vein treatments
  • Wrinkle and fine line reduction

These can be achieved by changing the wavelengths emitted by the ipulse machine, something that is easily controlled by the practitioner. 

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