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M22: Nd: YAG and IPL lasers

The M22, by Lumenis UK Ltd is a hair removal system that utilises the Nd:YAG and Intense Pulsed Light laser systems to perform effective and pain-free hair removal treatments.  The system is developed for real ease of use, and starting and installing the M22 is very simple.  The machine itself is small and compact, weighing under 40kg, making moving it very easy and allowing it potential as a portable device for home treatments. 

Due to the lasers multiple wavelength the M22 can be used on a large range of skin types with minimal risk of side effects.  This allows even dark skin tones to be treated through the use of laser technology, whereas before this was not possible.

The M22 is a very precise machine, allowing treatment to very specific areas.  This may be useful when having laser hair reduction to the face or when having other skin treatments targeting specific problems. 

Additional treatments available from the M22

The M22 has been developed not just for laser hair removal, but can also be used for vein treatments, age spot reduction and forms of skin rejuvenation. 

The M22 with additions, allows further treatments on top of hair reduction, such as vascular vein reduction and wrinkle/fine line minimisation. 

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