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If the price of facelift surgery is a big concern of yours you can cut medical costs by having your surgery abroad. Compared to UK prices, many other countries offer facelift surgery at a reduced rate. Of course you must consider the flights and accommodation costs on top of the medical fees, but in many cases cheap flights add little to the overall price of a facelift abroad.

The Traditional Facelift & other Invasive & Expensive Procedures Abroad

Certainly if you are having a more expensive and more invasive procedure, such as the traditional facelift, or having a combination of procedures, such as a facelift and neck lift, going abroad can seem particularly inviting. Indeed, if you have a longer and more unpleasant recovery, going abroad offers the opportunity of hiding out until you feel emotionally and physically ready to face the world again. A change of environment can also be pleasing for you; it can lift your mood when post-operation feelings of anxiety can take hold.

The Mini Lift & other less Invasive & less Expensive Procedures Abroad

If you are having a less invasive and less expensive facelift, such as the mini lift, then you may think going abroad unnecessary; however, with a less invasive facelift surgery you can combine your cosmetic procedure with a holiday. The recovery rate is largely reduced with less invasive facelifts and you will therefore be able to enjoy the break, more than if you were recovering from extensive surgery. One point to make, however, is that it is very important to cover up very new scars from the sunshine. You can still get a tan, but your face must be heavily protected. Check with your surgeon when you can apply sun cream to your face.

Benefits & Drawbacks with Facelift Surgery Abroad

There are some serious considerations when thinking about having your facelift abroad. Since your surgery isn’t in the UK, surgeons may adhere to different standards and they may use different techniques. It is very important, therefore, for you to do an extensive amount of research and that you and your surgeon both understand each other well. On the other hand, you may find a very reputable surgeon abroad that is still cheaper than similar standard surgeons in the UK.

When you have any surgery it involves pre-operation consultations and also post-operative check-ups. You must consider how this will be organised: will you fly over there before and after surgery? Will your surgeon come to England? Can you have follow up care with a surgeon in the UK? Not only this but not having your family and friends around can affect your recovery. These are very important points, because they affect your health and the overall cost of your surgery. 

Nonetheless, facelift surgery abroad can work really well. You can have your surgery in a very pleasant place: a beautiful view and calm surroundings can provide peace and quiet and therefore improve your recovery; staying in a hotel afterwards means no cooking and no cleaning; and sunshine can keep your mood lifted, helping you to avoid emotional lows that can occur after surgery.

Essentially, though, what surgery abroad comes down to is whether it is worth it for you. The most important thing is that you are cared for properly and in safe hands.

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