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Cost of Facelift Surgery

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When you are certain that you want a facelift, cost is obviously going to be an issue however, quality is a more important factor. It is of the utmost importance that you find a surgeon with a reputation for excellent results, and you can do this by comparing as many surgeons as possible to find the right one for you. Though cost is important, there is absolutely no point in spending a thousand pounds or two less to have your operation with a substandard surgeon just because it is cheaper. The lesser cost could be a result of less experience and lesser standards, giving you a less than perfect result. If you are concerned about the cost, it may even be possible to have a facelift through the NHS, or to get a loan to help with payments.

You will notice as you look for a suitable surgeon that the price of a facelift can vary, from clinic to clinic and even from surgeon to surgeon, which can be confusing. Here are some guideline prices to help you understand what you could be paying:

  • UK from: £4000 to £9000
  • Mini Facelift price in UK: Around £2500
  • Facelifts abroad from: $2500 (US), in Panama to $8500 (US) in Taiwan

You may find you already have a wealth of sources who can tell you about the cost (and other aspects) of facelifts. Consider asking friends who may have had, or have looked into the surgery, try starting a conversation at work, look in back of magazines, call several clinics who perform rhytidectomies. When making enquiries, find out whether the price includes pre operative consultations, it would be a nasty surprise to have to pay more money than you realised! You can never have too much information, so ask around, and don’t settle for anything less than good quality. If you put enough time into it, you will eventually find a decent surgeon at a decent price, so keep looking!

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