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Mid Facelift

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Suitability – Am I A candidate?

On some people the eyes and cheeks can sag more than other areas. If they do, you can look much older and more tired looking than if you just had general decrease in facial skin elasticity. So, if the skin around your eyes looks tired (i.e. you suffer from under-eye bags), if your cheeks are drawn downwards, making your mouth look older, or if the skin around your nose needs tightening, a mid facelift is the best procedure for you.

The Procedure

This procedure involves small incisions made into the facial muscle. This allows fat and muscle to be tightened or repositioned upwards, horizontally or diagonally, therefore smoothing the central part of the face.

Traditional Techniques

Traditional techniques are particularly suitable if facial tissue needs to be pulled upwards. These techniques involve incisions made either just under the eye (the lower lash line), or in the folds that go from nose to mouth corners (the nasolabial fold).   

Endoscopic Techniques

Some surgeons may use endoscopic techniques to carry out a mid facelift. This has the added benefit of reducing scarring. This can be very important when surgically adjusting the middle part of the face; an area in which it is harder to hide scarring. With this technique incisions are made in the temples. The surgeon then repositions fat tissue and muscle and tightens it by either pulling the skin diagonally or horizontally.

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