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Realistic Expectations

The days of surgeons only tightening skin and ignoring underlying tissues are gone and, although this taut, over-stretched look is unlikely, you must be realistic about your facelift procedure. Remember you cannot fully regain your youthful looks. This is why it is important to research thoroughly so that you have reasonable expectations.

Preparatory tests will be taken by a nurse. A urine test can be taken (for women a pregnancy test may be taken), heart rate is measured, and blood pressure monitored. A consent form will then be presented to you, which you must sign to give permission.

On the day of facelift surgery, the surgical process will begin with the general anaesthetic being administered; however, with some facelifts, particularly the shorter ones, this is not necessary. In these cases a local anaesthetic is used. In any case, though, the use of anaesthetics usually means you cannot eat and drink for up to six hours before the surgery.

After you have gone unconscious, or are numbed, your surgeon will make an incision usually by the ear and hairline on both sides of the face. Once access is created, your surgeon reduces and repositions facial tissue: fat is removed and can also be repositioned to plump up areas that require more definition; muscle is tightened and realigned; discreet stitches secure repositioned and realigned tissues; and skin is re-draped and the excess is trimmed off.

Other Facelift Procedures

Though the general idea is the same, there are many facelift techniques. Each one provides a different outcome depending on your needs. The most well-known alternative facelift procedure is the mini facelift. This option offers a quicker recovery and a cheaper surgery. Consider all these different procedures and their benefits before making your decision.

Combining a Facelift with a Neck Lift

If you are bothered by the appearance of age on your neck, as well as your face, the two procedures can easily be combined. This can have a cost benefit for you as well as the benefit of only having a general anaesthetic once. 

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