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There are a variety of methods for paying for your facelift surgery. One method, which is very appealing, is to have your procedure covered under the NHS. Since it is a free national service this is ideal. Certainly it would provide peace of mind, because all NHS surgeons will be accredited and approved by an official board. Of course, though, there are some people that believe the National Health Service is deficient. If this is a concern of yours go with private cosmetic surgery, but be willing to pay the costs.

Having cosmetic surgery under the NHS is, however, quite difficult. There are very strict guidelines for cosmetic surgery. It is, after all, the nation’s money being put forward for your needs, and if those needs are purely cosmetic you will not qualify. For facelift surgery you are only likely to get covered by the NHS if your surgery is a reconstructive procedure. If it is not, then be prepared to pay for yourself. There are other financial options available as alternatives to the NHS, so don’t panic if the price of a facelift (between £4,000 and £9,000) seems too much for you.

Contact your GP

To inquire whether you could be covered under the NHS you must first see your GP. He or she will talk through your reasons for the surgery, the benefits, and the dangers of the facelift procedure. If your GP approves then a letter of referral will be sent to a plastic surgeon and a psychological consult will be sort. If it is not approved, the talk with your GP will still be worthwhile. He or she will help you realise the significance of facial surgery and provide good advice; they may even be able to supply names of reputable plastic surgeons for you.

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