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Reasons & Benefits of a Facelift

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As individuals, we each spend hundreds of pounds a year on a varying range of beauty products and treatments, potions and pills, all designed to improve our appearance. A large niche of the beauty market is focused specifically on looking younger, and this is because people believe that they looked better 10 or 20 years ago, before time, stress and lifestyle took its toll. It is perhaps easier to feel youthful and confident when you look it, so moisturisers promising to fill in wrinkles, serums claiming to make your skin supple, and makeup that of course covers a multitude of sins, will never be out of fashion. This pressure to look younger is amplified when we see those in fashion who are 10 years older than us looking 10 years younger, a truly depressing state of affairs. Though we don’t have a string of stylists, makeup artists, regular botox injections and sadly (for us), air brushing to help beautify us, the increasing pressure on us from society to look good eventually begins to grate. Though we try our best to counteract it, the stress puts yet another wrinkle on our forehead. Sadly, our concoctions of creams and cosmetics can only go so far to reverse the effects of time, but more extreme measures can be taken if you are set on looking younger.

This is where the rhytidectomy, or facelift, comes into play. If it is the loose skin around your face that makes you look even more tired when you gaze dejectedly in the mirror, or the sagging second chin resting on your neck that makes you look and feel older than you are, you may benefit from a facelift. The extra skin and fat will be removed, and then the surgeon will tighten the new skin so it is smooth and sits naturally on the face. When healed, the skin will be look youthful, as once again it will be tight and shapely, as the bone structure will be more pronounced, giving a fresh new look. Well, your old look, with a fresh new attitude.

 There are several reasons to have facelift, primarily to look younger. Nobody likes getting older; even worse they hate showing it. A facelift could simply improve one’s appearance, and even help to gain confidence, just through looking good. There may of course be deeper reasons; some people feel they are not taken seriously because they are older, even though they are as capable as anybody else. As a facelift can last more than ten years, this could remove the stigma of age for a long time, (in which you may start to feel older, but you certainly won’t look it!). 

Though you can look fabulous at any age, if you get confidence from looking good and believe that you would look better with a more youthful appearance, a facelift could improve your outlook. You should not however, expect too much, a facelift will not change your life on its own, nothing can do that. Instead, it can give you an improved positive attitude, providing the self-assurance you need to make the changes yourself.

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