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Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy) for Men

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Many people still consider cosmetic surgery something that only women do; however, it is perfectly acceptable for men to do also. Increasingly, though slowly, the public are becoming aware that it is an option for men as well as women and acceptance is gradually growing.  

Facelifts for men can, as with women, give a rejuvenation of the facial skin and tissue. Male facelifts can smooth out facial wrinkles and deep furrows and therefore reduce the signs of ageing. Not only this, but facelift surgery can reduce or remove signs of a stressful lifestyle. For those men who work in high pressure jobs, the tension can have an effect. Permanently tired-looking eyes or drawn mouths can be rectified by a facelift.

Suitability – Am I A Candidate?

Like with women, men’s skin must have some elasticity. For the smaller procedures, such as the mini lift, skin elasticity is important. For those that have poor skin elasticity you do not have to worry. More invasive procedures can resolve severely slack facial skin. Being generally healthy, though, is important and, like women, a realistic attitude is also necessary. Realisation that a facelift will not remove all signs of ageing is essential.

Facelift Procedure for Men

The male facelift is in many ways much like the female facelift: fat is removed or repositioned to define certain areas; muscles are realigned and tightened; facial tissue is repositioned; and excess skin can be trimmed. There are, however, certain considerations for facelift surgery for men. Their often shorter hair means incisions are harder to hide. This means facelift options may be reduced. If a lower facelift or traditional facelift is being completed then the male patient must be aware that, with the trimming of skin and tightening of it, facial hair can look slightly different.

Risks of Facelift Surgery for Men

The risks, as well as the benefits, are much the same with men as they are with women. The dangers of anaesthesia, scarring and nerve damage are all just as likely with men. One particular problem, however, is that for men the risk of blood clotting is higher. This is a risk for women also, but with men the possibility is more likely because men have a higher amount of blood cells in their face. Do talk to your surgeon for more information on this risk.

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