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How Long Facelift Surgery Lasts

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The period of time that you get to enjoy your facelift varies from person to person, but ten years is the average length a facelift lasts for. This is because a facelift does not stop ageing but reverses it for a while. You can keep your youthful look for longer, though, if you look after yourself.

Preventative Measures

To prolong the time you enjoy your surgical results it is important that you look after your facial skin. General health is very important in keeping your looks. Certainly heavy drinking and smoking deeply affect your skin, so being sensible with these habits will help. Exercise will reduce the chances of fat deposits developing in the face and healthy eating will also assist in this.

Looking after your skin directly will keep it tighter for longer. Wearing high factor sun creams will reduce the effects of UV rays. Moisturising regularly can keep skin smooth. You could invest in anti-ageing creams. These creams do not significantly change your skin, but they can be good preventatives.  

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