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Mini Facelift (Weekend Facelift)

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Not sure you’re ready for major cosmetic surgery just yet? Would a touch up be more appropriate? Or do you simply not have the time? The Mini Facelift (also known as the 'weekend' facelift) may be the answer to any doubts you have about the surgical procedure and consequences of a full facelift. You may be unsure if a full facelift is right for you because it is can seem a little extreme if you do not have a lot of excess skin to remove, and the fairly long recovery process may not seem worth it if the results will not be very noticeable. The mini facelift can be an excellent alternative for those who do not want a full rhytidectomy.

The mini facelift has less:

  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Trauma to the Body
  • Recovery Time

But can still:

  • Remove excess skin
  • Tighten skin to look more youthful
  • Give you confidence through a new look

What’s not to love? Often called the ‘Weekend Facelift’ because of its quick recovery period, the mini facelift is less invasive than a full facelift. The procedure is similar, but does not reposition the underlying tissues, instead it just involves the removal and tightening of excessive skin. This is why it has less adverse effects; there is less trauma to the face. The mini facelift could be perfect for you, if you do not need the full procedure and it could save you a lot of time, money and pain. This procedure is sometimes referred to as the short scar facelift as the muscles and underlying tissues are untouched, leaving a shorter, much less obvious scar. This would be particularly helpful to men, or women with short hair who cannot use their hair to hide the scar whilst it fades.

The general recovery time is so much faster than for the full surgical rhytidectomy, you may not even need a general anaesthetic or an overnight stay in hospital! Most people feel recovered in a week, and sometimes much more quickly, (though you will be healing for some time after this). You will of course still have exercises to do, and need to be cautious about too much exertion for up to three-six months, but you will feel better fairly swiftly.

An excellent selling point is also the much cheaper price, mini facelifts tend to cost around a third of the price of a full facelift, and they can be combined with other types of facial cosmetic surgery, for example rhinoplasty (nose jobs). If in the future you want to go through with the full rhytidectomy, having had a mini facelift in the past will not cause any problems. Therefore if you really want a facelift but cannot afford it, or maybe you feel you cannot justify spending that much money, this may be a more suitable option for you.

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