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Lower Facelift

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Suitability – Am I a Candidate?

The lower facelift, as implied by its name, only focuses on the bottom area of the face. This, like under-eye bags, is another prime area that particularly shows signs of ageing. Facial skin droop can gather in this region creating jowls or a slack, aged look. So if you need a reduction in skin tissue in the lower part of your face, a lower facelift is suitable for you. 

The Procedure

In lower facelift surgery, an incision is made by the ear. It extends downwards and around behind the ear. Once the entrance to the tissue below is made, fat can be removed or repositioned. Muscles can then be tightened and also repositioned. If a neck lift is also taking place an incision will be made under the chin and neck tissue will be repositioned and tightened. When internal adjustments have been made, the skin is re-draped and excess is trimmed off.

Neck Lift

If you suffer from severe jowls or, as well as having sagging lower facial skin, your neck looks particularly aged, then a combination of lower facelift and neck lift may immensely improve your look. Talk to your surgeon about combining the procedures.

Other Techniques

There are differing techniques for the lower facelift. For instance this procedure can be done through endoscopic incisions; if you are concerned about scarring this will be a better option for you. There are also other techniques that can be used for the lower facelift.

SMAS Facelift

This lower facelift technique directs its attention towards the deeper underlying tissue of the face called the SMAS layer. A long incision is made from temple to behind the ear by extending downwards in front of the ear. The SMAS layer of tissue is tightened and the skin is then adjusted. Once done, the incision is sutured.

‘S’ Facelift

This technique is great for patients that are really concerned with the risks of surgery but need adjustments done to the lower part of the face. The ‘S’ facelift procedure is much like other techniques in that facial tissue is tightened and excess skin is reduced. What is different is the incision; an ‘S’ shape cut is made in front of the ear and allows for a quicker surgery, a quicker recovery and has fewer complications.

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