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Before you determinedly set your sights on a facelift, it is important to decide whether you are suitable for the surgery. This can include both physically and mentally, you should be having the surgery for the right reasons, i.e. because an improved appearance will give you more confidence, or make you feel happier about yourself. As the surgery is invasive, it will affect your life and body as you will need time to recover, so there will be a level of commitment required which you must ensure you can meet.

The aim of the procedure is to make the patient look younger through the removal of extraneous skin; however the best results can only occur when the surgeon’s raw materials, YOU, are up to standard. To ensure you are happy with the finished product, you should be as healthy as possible before the surgery, for example, people who are non-smoking and physically fit, will show a more noticeable improvement than those who are not.  Some think that women are the only ones interested in facelifts, however sex is also an irrelevant factor as both men and women can be suitable candidates for a facelift. However men, beware, as your beard may grow in a slightly adjusted place than before!

The prime requirements for those considering surgery are that they still have some skin elasticity, in order that it is durable enough for the surgeon to shape in a realistic manner, once the extra skin has been removed. Also, you will need to have enough loose skin for the surgery to be worth it, younger patients may be advised to wait a few years as they are generally unsuitable for facelifts, which is why most are performed on people between the ages of 40 and 70.

It is essential that you are mentally prepared to have a facelift, if you expect it to transform your appearance and consequently change your life, you are likely to be disappointed. Those who are realistic about the results tend to be happier when they see the results, a small change can sometimes make all the difference. You must also realise that the youthful look will not last forever, and after 10 years or so, the procedure will need to be repeated to keep up appearances.

Ultimately, it will be up to your plastic surgeon to decide whether you are suitable for a facelift (rhytidectomy). He or she will have their own criteria to judge by, so if they refuse to perform the procedure because you do not have enough to work with, it’s a compliment! Following a consultation where he will ask you various questions about your health and your expectations, he will then consider your suitability for the surgery. If you are advised to wait a while, take the advice and wait until you are ready. You should try to enjoy your youthful skin whilst you can and when you can no longer, the results of a facelift could find you enjoying your look once again.

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