Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

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The exact details of the revision rhinoplasty procedure will vary, as there is a variety of different potential problems which could need to be corrected. The techniques used in revision rhinoplasty are very specific and refined to each problem presented. For example if breathing difficulties have developed after the initial rhinoplasty then the surgeon will need to perform a degree of septoplasty. If dimples or dips appear in the nose then the surgeon may need to use a form of implant to smooth the contours of the nose. If areas of the skin appear thicker or too thin then a skin graft may be necessary. Additionally, scar tissue may also need to be addressed.

Revision rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most difficult surgeries to perform as it involves both resolving the defects which occurred since the previous surgery whilst also avoiding the possibility of incurring those problems again with the revision surgery. The same obstacles which were present during the first surgery are still current during the revision surgery as well as the added complication of scar tissue. Accessing the nasal cavities again through incisions in the nose is more difficult if the skin has scarred and becomes increasingly more complex with the amount and degree of scar tissue.

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