Shaving Bikini Line

Everyone wants to look and feel great in their bikini, and part of that is making sure your bikini line is hair-free and smooth so you don’t feel self conscious embarrassed.

How do I shave my bikini line?

It’s important to use a good quality razor when shaving sensitive areas like the bikini line. Some brands do razors designed specifically to this end which, while not necessary, are probably worth investing in. The poorer the quality of the razor, the greater the likelihood of cutting, irritation, and razor burns in an area which is sensitive at the best of times.

You should trim your pubic hair before hand to keep it as short as possible for shaving. The longer your pubic hair when you trim your bikini line, the rougher the shave and the greater the risk of unwanted cuts or irritation. Once the hair is at a length which is suitable for shaving, clean the area, exfoliating if possible as this is a sensitive area and you want to keep it as clean and infection free as possible.

Either take a hot shower/bath or apply a warm and wet towel to the pubic region to soften the hair and prepare it for shaving. Apply shaving cream/foam/gel to the area and then use a fresh blade to shave the area. Using your hand, make sure the skin is taught for the closest shave by pulling it. Apply each stroke of the razor slowly and against the direction of hair growth. Be careful not to shave clear skin as this will irritate it, instead only shave areas covered in shaving foam.

Make sure your razor is rinsed as you shave each part of your bikini line, this prevents the blade from effectively dulling as it gets clogged with hair. After you’ve finished, wash the area and look for any missed spots. If all is well, moisturise the area taking care not to use anything on your genitals.

When shaving your bikini line, the most important thing is to shave very carefully around your genitals. Do not cover them with shaving foam as this makes it hard to see where you should and shouldn’t use your razor. Take care not to cut your genitals as this will be painful.

If you experience any reddening of the skin or irritation whilst shaving your bikini line, then make sure that you are following the recommended technique. If you find this still an issue, then don’t be afraid to look into alternative methods of hair removal.  There are many options available on the market today, but shaving remains the cheapest and simplest.

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