Prickly Hairs from Shaving

Shaving is quite an abrasive process. A blade is used to scrape hair off, albeit in as smooth a way as possible. Therefore it’s no surprise that there are some unwanted effects that may occur after shaving. One of these side effects includes the presence of prickly hair.

Why do I get prickly hairs from shaving?

Shaving can sometimes leave sharp tipped or jagged hairs behind, leaving a sandy or prickly feeling to the skin and very fine hairs that don’t seem to be easy to remove. Prickly hairs are often a form of stubble, and are an unfortunate part of shaving.

How can I avoid prickly hairs?

Preparing your skin for the closest, smoothest shave possible is the best way to avoid prickly hairs or stubble. Soften the hair before hand by applying a warm, wet towel to your skin. Then proceed to use a fresh, sharp blade moving with the grain if shaving on your face to avoid irritation, but adjusting the direction if shaving your legs or chest for example allows for a closer shave that’s smooth to the touch.

Consider trying a different razor if you’re finding that you often have prickly hair or stubble left over after shaving. Disposable razors for example tend to have rather poor blades that are stiffly fixed onto a cheap plastic handle, their design is not optimised for the closest and best possible shave. Permanent razors on the other hand tend to have more and higher quality blades, often arranged onto a swivelling head that adjusts to the many curves of your skin. The number of blades is not the only factor contributing to a fine shave, you should also choose a razor that has the thinnest possible blades as well.

If you have a persistent problem with prickly hair, you should consider an alternative to shaving. Using Nair hair removal creams for example dissolves hair without leaving a sharp or jagged tipped hair that is rough to the touch. Waxing removes hair from the roots, leaving your skin smooth and completely hair free. It has the added advantage of lasting longer than shaving as well.

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