Razors for Men

For the vast majority of men, once you hit puberty you will find yourself shaving with increasing regularity until finally you’re doing it every day or two (if you choose to keep clean shaven of course). Of course this often welcomed sign of growing up welcomes you to the world of male shaving products, which grows ever year with the introduction of new razor technologies and styles. So what do you make of all the different brands and options you have available? Read on!

Manual razors

The very basics of shaving come down to the use of a manual razor. This is simply a blade or multiple blades fixed to a handle which is used to move hair by dragging said blades across the surface of your skin to smoothly scrape off your facial fuzz.

Manual razors can be permanent or disposable, each with their own advantages. Disposable blades are cheap and cheerful and discarded after one or two uses. Permanent razors are more expensive, and their blades in particular can be pricier, however they do have many distinct returns for the extra investment. Their blades tend to be of a higher quality, and often feature extra design options like a swivelled head which allows for a closer and smoother shave as you’re not trying to manoeuvre a solid lump of plastic and metal across the curves of your chin and cheeks.

A big question many people ask is, ‘How many blades should I go for on my razor?’ A perfectly understandable query in a world where every major razor manufacturer seems to come out with a razor with more blades ever year!  The answer is simple, it’s down to you and your skin. More blades provide a closer shave, but increase the chance of irritation. Some people find they can use a five bladed razor with no signs of irritation, while others prefer using three or two bladed options, sacrificing some closeness for a cleaner shave.

Some manual razors now come with a powered vibratory option. A small AAA battery is fitted into the handle, and when activated the razor head vibrates to facilitate a smoother shave. This is a kind of hybrid between manual and electric razors, and is just one of a myriad of different choices available to consumers today

Electric razors

If you are one of many men who find themselves on a daily basis, you may be looking for a quicker and more convenient option for your morning grooming. If so, electric razors may well be the option you’re looking for. As the name suggests, these are simply powered blades that make the process of shaving so much quicker.

Electric razors generally fit into two categories:

  • Rotary blades which have their blades arranged in a circular manner, upon turning it on these blades rotate in a circular motion that cuts hair close to the skin as opposed to scraping it off. Some find that a rotary blade does not provide the closeness they’re looking for.
  • Foil razors tend to have a vibrating foil blade which again cuts rather than scrapes, but provides a closer shave due to its closeness to the skin.

Nowadays electric razors often have swivelled heads or multiple foils or rotary heads depending on which type you find yourself using which allow for a closer and more ergonomic motion. Similarly they are often self lubricating, applying a moisturiser to your skin as they shave to improve quality and comfort. Many will come with a docking station in which your razor can be both charged and sometimes cleaned. Each of these features does however contribute to the overall cost of your equipment, but what you want can often be tailored to by shopping around. There are so many models by different manufacturers that you are bound to find a razor that suits your needs perfectly and also fits your budget!

An electric razor shouldn’t be confused with a trimmer which aims to groom and tailor facial hair as opposed to remove it. However many electric razors come with a trimmer on them that allows you to maintain a range of different styles of beard or stubble. This is a great option for men considering goatees, short beards, or designer stubble.

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