Shaving Chest Hair

Different people have different opinions about chest hair, but if you find yourself less than fond of your fuzzy chest, shaving provides a convenient, easy, and cheap method of having skin as smooth and hairless on your chest as you like. There are of course other methods of hair removal available, but since most men have a razor handy, shaving is probably the most convenient and painless.

How do I shave my chest hair?

Shaving your chest is not massively unlike shaving your face, the only real difference being that the skin on your chest isn’t quite as sensitive as your face. Still the same rules apply, to start off with, trim your chest hair if it’s particularly thick to make shaving it a lot easier. It’s advisable to do this in a tub or bin liner to get rid of all that hair more easily! You should then rinse off and clean your skin, as you would your face, using an exfoliating wash if possible to make for the smoothest shave. It’s advisable to hop in the shower for this shave as the warmth and moisture will soften your chest hair, while also washing off the hair as you shave. Put on some shaving cream, foam, or gel as you would on your face.

Chest hair tends to grow in a number of different directions, so you might need to adjust your razor to get a close enough shave. Some suggest shaving in one direction first, before rinsing off and shaving in the other for the smoothest possible shave. Be patient while you shave, particularly around your nipples as these can be quite painful if cut.

After shaving your chest

Look after your chest by washing in warm after you shave, checking for any missed spots, and then apply a moisturiser to replenish lost hydration. Shaving is an abrasive process, and your skin needs to be tended to afterwards for the best look.

Maintaining the clean shaven chest look is actually quite straightforward if you keep a razor in the shower and have a look everyday for any re-growth. Maintaining your appearance is pretty straightforward and rewarding as you will have a fresh, smooth, looking chest day after day.

Final considerations

You can always use an electric razor for your chest if you’re happy with the results. Some electric razors don’t give a shave close enough for some people, in which case the manual razor is probably the better option.

Try not to use too much force when shaving your chest to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs. Always make sure you’re using a wet razor.

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