How to Shave your Legs

While there are many modern alternatives to leg hair removal, some of you may prefer the tried and tested ease, convenience, and cost effectiveness of shaving. A simple routine which can be done at home for great results, read on for a guide on how to shave your legs for a great look in your skirt or bikini.

Getting ready to shave your legs

The easiest place to shave your legs is in the bath or shower. This is because keeping your skin wet and warm makes for the easiest shave as your hair and skin soften. Cleaning your skin also reduces the likelihood of infection after a cut. Exfoliating your skin prior to a shave also smoothens the shave for the best possible results.

The general consensus is that shaving creams for women are exactly like those for men, and so you have quite a range of options to choose from. Shaving creams come as either a cream which you need to lather with a brush, or a foam or gel which is quicker to use and more convenient. Applying a cream to your skin will help lubricate the passage of the razor over your skin, reducing the chance of nicks and irritation.

Shaving your legs

The manual razor is a tried and tested option, and whether disposable or permanent, these all work by effectively scraping the hair off with a blade to leave your skin smooth. Find one best suited for your skin with experimentation, and once you have your favourite razor to hand, make sure you regularly change the blade.

Using a fresh blade, start at your ankles and shave up. You do this because your leg hair grows downwards and this technique gives you the best results, meaning you don’t have to shave as frequently. Use long and even strokes and take your time, there’s no rush and you should be comfortable with the pace of proceedings. Make sure you run you clean your blade by rinsing it between strokes to keep it hair free and sharp.

Post-shave care

After shaving rinse off your leg and have a quick look for any missed areas. Your legs are quite a large area to shave, so it’s only natural that you may have missed the odd patch. Wet your razor with some warm water and tend to any leftovers. Once you’re done rinse and dry your legs, and then apply a moisturising lotion to rehydrate and soften your skin. Avoid particularly thick agents as this can increase the likelihood of spots forming as oily products obstruct hair follicles.

Male leg shaving

If you’re a man in search of advice on how to shave your legs, all these rules apply to you as well. The only extra point to be made is that if your hair is quite thick or it’s been a while since you’ve shaved, trim it beforehand. The less hair there is to shave, the better the results and the easier the process.

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