Razors for Women

The word ‘shaving’ is popularly associated with men and beards, however the vast majority of women have at least tried shaving parts of their body or do so regularly. Areas often shaved by women as a regular part of personal care and grooming include the arm pit, legs, and pubic region. With such widespread use in mind, it is no surprise that there is quite a large market for women’s razors.

Manual razors

Manual razors are the must shaving tool for both men and women, and there isn’t too much of a difference between them bar packaging, colouring, and marketing. Razors, in the traditional manual sense, are simply sharpened blades angled to cut hair as close to your skin as they can safely manage. The blades are fitted onto plastic and often ergonomic handles to allow for ease of use and manipulation. The key difference between male and female razors is that the latter are not designed for the face at all.

Manual razors can be disposable, which as the name suggests are single or dual use blades that you bin afterwards, or of the permanent variety where the razor is kept and the blades replaced regularly. Permanent razors tend to have higher quality and hence more durable blades that give a smoother shave. They can also have a swivelled head that allows for a shave that follows the contours of your body more closely. As the handles of permanent razors are not disposed of, they tend to be far more attractive and comfortable.

The number of blades on a razor can vary, generally the more blades the closer the shave and the longer the results last. Some razors are available with hydration strips for ladies with more sensitive or dry skin. There being a large market for female shaving, a little shopping around will see you equipped with a razor perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Manual blades do carry with them the risk of cutting, irritation, and in grown hair. These can be minimised using safe and healthy shaving practices, like using shaving cream for example and shaving in one direction only.

Electric razors

Electric razors look nothing like their manual counterparts, and work by actually cutting the hair as opposed to the scraping action blades dragged against skin. Electric razors are convenient in that they can be used more flexibly, while manual razors tend to be used in the bath or shower. There are advantages to using them if your skin is more sensitive or dry as well.

Electric razors can either be rotary bladed, composed of wheel shaped blades which turn in a circle when activated, or a foil razor in which a sharpened foil blade vibrates at speed to provide a closer shave than the rotary option.

The caveats however are that electric razors do not provide as close a shave for some. They are considerably more expensive than either permanent or disposable blades. Some people find using an electric razor causes ingrown hairs more than the manual versions, but this is down to personal preference and choice.

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