After Hair Waxing

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Soothing the skin with a moisturising cream or lotion immediately after the waxing can improve the healing process and lessen the sensitivity of the area; however this is not recommended after bikini waxing. In some clinical trials copper peptides have been shown to improve the healing of skin, as have biological healing oils such as Emu oil, which contain regenerative lipids.

In the 24-48 hour period following your treatment tight clothing, fake tans, extreme heat treatments such as saunas, swimming, sunbathing and massages should be avoided. Exercising can cause sweat to clog the follicles and so this is best avoided for 24 hours post-waxing. For the same reason no deodorant or perfumed sprays should be applied to the area for this period of time.

Whenever you are applying lotion, or touching the newly waxed area it is important to have clean hands to avoid any infection. Some guidelines following a bikini wax are to avoid wearing tight underwear for a couple of days, and to avoid sexual activity for 24 hours. Between waxing treatments the regular moisturising and exfoliation of skin can help to avoid red bumps and ingrown hairs, which are usually caused by dry and flaky skin.

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