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Chest and shoulder waxing for men has become much more popular in recent years along with other beauty therapy treatments. One of the most common reasons for this is that the removal of the hair can make the chest look more defined and shapely which is desirable for those wanting to show off on the beach.

Chest waxing is not suitable for all men however, for instance those with diabetes or poor circulation who are advised to avoid the treatment as the skin can be more prone to infection. Like the waxing of other areas the waxing of chest hair can be performed at home or by a professional.

To perform the procedure at home the hair needs to be trimmed to a length of around ¼ inch, and should not be longer than ½ inch in length as hair longer than this is particularly painful to remove.

The process for waxing the chest is the same as that for other body parts. Firstly the wax should be melted wither in the microwave or in a sturdy saucepan.

The application of the wax should be in the direction of hair growth, and made using a wooden spatula. Even application is important, and the wax should cover the hairs but should not be so thick that it will be difficult to remove. The wax can now be covered with the paper or fabric strips, and these smoothed in the direction of hair growth. A short tab should be left not stuck to the wax so that it can be easily held for the removal. Holding the skin taught with one hand the strips should be quickly but carefully pulled off in the opposite direction to hair growth. Pulling the strip directly across rather than up is advised as this both lessens the pain and improves the results. The same process can now be repeated for the other areas of the chest.

After removing any remaining wax with baby oil or wax remover a moisturising cream or soothing lotion can be applied to aid the healing process.

The same process can be used for shoulder waxing, although due to the position of the area the results may be more pleasing if another person is able to apply the wax and remove the strips for you.

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