Ingrown Hairs from Waxing

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An ingrown hair is caused when a hair curls back on itself and penetrates the follicle causing inflammation which presents in a red lump, and if untreated can become infected.

Symptoms of an ingrown hair include a rash in the area as the skin becomes irritated, this may be itchy and mildly painful. Puss formation and larger red lumps can present as the condition worsens, therefore it is best to treat the problem as soon as possible.

Proper aftercare following waxing can prevent the occurrence, however should you suffer with an ingrown hair there are solutions. Exfoliating the area twice a day can loosen the hair and also prevents the build up of dirt and bacteria which may lead to infection. It is important to take this process slowly and carefully so as not to cause bleeding, as this will make the hair harder to remove. The second option is to apply a warm compress such as a heated flannel to the area for 10 minutes. This causes the follicle to dilate which may allow the hair to come free. After bringing the hair to the surface using the heated compress, a sterile needle or pair of tweezers can be used to ease the hair out of the skin. The hair should not be plucked out completely, but the ingrown end can be removed from the skin. Again this should be done patiently and carefully to avoid damaging the skin.

Antiseptic cream should be applied to the area to prevent infection.

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