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When deciding on having a bikini wax there are several options available depending upon how much, or little hair you wish to be removed. The first option is a regular bikini wax, which removes the least amount of hair and covers only the area visible outside of the line of a bikini, making it suitable to make the area neat and tidy. The full bikini wax goes a little further, and removes hairs just inside on the bikini line. The benefits of this treatment are that it can make you less self conscious, and it gives more definition to the area.

From French Bikini, Brazilian Bikini to Hollywood Bikini Waxing

A French bikini wax removes the majority of the hair from the front, apart from a small strip and leaves any hair towards the back. This is a more extensive hair removal, but less so than treatments such as the Brazilian and Hollywood, which are described below.

The Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from front to back, although a small triangle is usually left. This treatment is most suited to those wanting to wear a thong or more revealing style of bikini.

The most extensive wax in this area is the Hollywood wax, which removes all hair from both the front and back.

Recently it has been made possible to customise your waxing by incorporating designs or colours. Stencils can be used to apply designs and can be bought for use at home, although the results from specialist waxing salons are often superior.

Like the leg waxing this procedure can also be performed at home, although due to the position of the area it is only possible to perform a regular bikini wax and a professional should be used for more extensive waxing. Hard wax is most suitable for bikini waxing as it is specially designed to be effective on coarse hairs. The wax should be applied in the direction of the hair growth initially, and then against the growth, spreading the wax beyond the area of hair growth to ensure that some of the wax remains free to be used a tab which can be grasped for the removal process. When removing the wax the skin should be held taught with one hand, and the wax strip should be pulled directly across as opposed to in an upwards direction. Again, any stray hairs can be removed by tweezers after the whole area has been waxed. Performing the process at home usually takes around 1 hour.

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