Septoplasty Recovery & Aftercare

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The healing process for septoplasty is similar to that of rhinoplasty as so is a degree of the aftercare, but there are some variations. Expect to experience swelling and bruising around the facial area which will begin to subside within 2 weeks. Since the inside of the nose has been the main focus of the procedure there is an increased chance that nasal packing will be used to support the delicate new structure whilst the nose heals and a piece of gauze placed at the base of the nose to absorb any excess bleeding. A good aftercare routine will replace this gauze every hour for up to two days when the bleeding will gradually subside and the inner nasal packing will be removed. About a day after the procedure the surgeon may advice you to rinse out the nasal cavities with a saline solution to irrigate the nasal passageways and clear any unwanted substances. After about 1 to 2 weeks you will be able to blow your nose again normally, but during the first stages of aftercare it is recommended that you only do so gently or avoid nose blowing altogether.

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