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Risks with Septoplasty

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As with any form of plastic surgery there is a risk of complications occurring after the surgery. These are often very rare, but it is worthwhile being aware that they could happen.

  • Bleeding and blood clots: bleeding isn’t anything to worry about normally and will subside within 2 days of the operation, but sometimes blood clots (known as ‘haematomas’) can occur
  • Infection: this is very rare, in fact less than 1% patients experience it, but sometimes wounds trying to heal after the surgery can be prone to infection
  • Toxic shock syndrome: this is very specific and very rare, but in very few cases some patients have certain form of bacteria present in the nose which responds adversely to the nasal packing and result in toxic shock syndrome.
  • Hole forming in the septum: this is very low risk and in fact rarely requires surgery to treat, but if the person starts to experience pain or discomfort then a surgeon can perform revision septoplasty to correct the problem

Your surgeon is there for you during the recovery period and if you experience any form of complication then notify them immediately. The sooner a problem can be identified, the sooner it can be treated.

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