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Ethnic Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job") Procedure

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Much like other forms of rhinoplasty the nose is reshaped by adjusting the structure of the bone and cartilage underneath the skin without causing excess or unnecessary surface scarring. The difference in ethnic rhinoplasty is that some techniques are preferred and used more often and more precisely than others. Take for example the wider, flatter nose often experienced in some ethnic groups. Up to three incisions are made in and around the nose: one in each nostril around the base of the skin and sometimes one along the skin between them (known as the ‘columnella’) to initially narrow the wide base of the nose. If your want a more defined shape then artificial implants can be inserted into the bridge of the nose or alternatively if the you would like to remove a hump in the nose then small amounts of bone can be filed away. Extra cartilage taken from elsewhere in the body can be grafted into the end of the nose, the skin then reshaped around the new point, and sculpted to create a finer tip. These are just some of the techniques used in ethnic rhinoplasty. If you feel any would suit you then talk to your doctor about changing the shape of your nose and they will be able to recommend which methods might benefit you.

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