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Results & Benefits of Ethnic Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job")

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Generally speaking the quality of the end result of ethnic rhinoplasty doesn’t differ greatly from any other form of rhinoplasty. Regardless of gender or race, you can expect the same outcome from a "Nose Job": a more ‘harmonised’ face, making the nose seem in balance with the rest of the other facial features. The surgery can achieve essentially similar goals as those typical of Caucasian nose reshaping: making the nose appear shorter, longer, straighter, narrower or whichever other way the you prefer. Many ethnic women choose, for example, to have the nose adjusted to look more ‘classically feminine’ making the nose smaller and generally less prominent. However similar limits also apply, the purpose of a "Nose Job" is to adjust the nose in accordance with the rest of the face, not for achieving an idealised body image.

The final obvious side benefit of any rhinoplasty procedure is a more comfortable and happy self-image. Most people feel a boost of self confidence along with their new harmonised look and feel more self assured with their improved appearance.

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