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Suitability for Ethnic Rhinoplasty ("Nose Job")

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People who would like a new shape for their nose but want to maintain any typical ethnic nasal features already present are good candidates for an ethnic "Nose Job". Some case examples include people of Asian or African descent, whose noses may often have a wider base and a more rounded, less defined nasal tip. People of Hispanic descent, as well as the groups already mentioned, also have thicker skin towards the tip of the nose which can give it a rounded shape. For some the bridge of the nose can also have a ‘flattened’ appearance due to its width or the ridge of the nose may appear ‘humped’ which can be common in some cases. Generally speaking this surgery is designed to help anyone who dislikes the more prominent of these features on themselves but still wishes to retain the style of their nose, or who wish to accentuate certain characteristics they find preferable.

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