Can you buy hair loss drugs?

Yes. Although hair loss is becoming more and more researched and the amount medical advances in this area continue to grow, the two main hair loss medications remain relatively unchanged.

Minoxidil which is sold under the brand name, Rogaine®, is a medical lotion massaged into the scalp as a preventative measure for male- and female-pattern baldness. It is sold in 2% and 5% minoxidil concentration formulas. The 5% formula has shown more results, however it may be too strong for women’s usage. Women can use the 5% formula if supervised by a doctor to ensure it is not being absorbed too heavily into the bloodstream. In some cases Rogaine has been shown to promote hair regrowth, but for most it simply acts as away to slow the balding process down.

Finasteride is another hair loss drug which is marketed as Propecia®. This is a pill taken daily with similar results as minoxidil. It works to stop the thinning process by inhibiting the production of androgens, the hormones which create dihydrotestosterone, DHT, which in turn destroys hair follicles and causes pattern baldness. This is also a preventative drug which can produce new hair in some cases and has not been officially sanctioned for women’s use.

With both of these products you must use it for several months before you see any improvement. Once you stop taking the drugs, the hair loss will continue as it had before and you may lose any new hair you’ve acquired while taking these medications.