Cost of Halo Elite for Hair Loss

Due to the highly specialised instruments used as part of the Halo Elite treatment the cost of Halo Elite therapy can be reasonably high. However it is generally a much cheaper option compared to the more surgical or more invasive methods of hair replacement. Many clinics will allow you to split the cost over a period of time through a payment plan but some will insist on including a deposit that is a certain percentage of the total cost of your Halo Elite treatment. Payment plans will vary between clinics and you should be sure to understand the terms and conditions of your particular payment plan (especially the interest involved and time scale of repayments).

Total Cost of Your Halo Elite Treatment

The total cost will depend on the frequency and total length of your Halo Elite treatment as well as the local clinic that you use for your therapy. This is due to the fact that the cost of treatment is often personalised to your therapy requirements (so that people who have sessions every week for an 18 months will pay more than people who have a session every fortnight for 12 months, for example).

However, some clinics have a standard treatment cost in order to keep it simple and this will include your initial consultation, all the sessions planned as part of your treatment and any after care that you may require. Total costs vary between clinics depending on whether the particular clinic currently has a special offer on and the location of the clinic. Prices online are often quoted as between £2000 to £4000 for a year’s worth of treatment (depending on the offers available at the time). Obviously if you require a shorter treatment (such as a 6 month treatment plan) then you may be looking to pay as little as £1000 for the entire Halo Elite therapy. Be aware that if your currently level of baldness gives you a high score on the Hamilton-Norwood or Savin scale (which evaluates your hair coverage) then you may be looking to pay a larger total amount unless you can find a local Halo Elite clinic that is willing to give you a good deal and/or currently has an offer on. You should note that 50% offers seem to occur fairly regularly so it may be worth checking Halo Elite clinics that are slightly further away from your location as the cost of commuting to them may still be far outweighed by the money saved by a 50% offer!

Additional Costs that could be incurred during Your Halo Elite Treatment

There may be additional costs involved in your Halo Elite treatment that you might not have expected. For example you may need to buy additional hair loss products such as hair stimulating growth gel or a laser device to use at home to complement your clinic treatment. Hair loss products can be quite expensive (especially if you have to use them fairly regularly) and the hand held laser devices also represent a large outlet at the beginning of your treatment. An example cost of a monthly supply of hair loss products could be from £10 to £50 (depending on the brand and the regularity of use) and most laser devices cost around £350.

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