Different Types of Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

In general terms there are three broad categories of laser treatment for hair loss and the type that best suits you may be a different variety than the device that suits your neighbour. The different devices involve different time commitments per session and different lengths of therapy so you should take all of these variations into consideration when you are deciding on what device is right for you.

The three broad categories are best described by:

  1. Dome laser devices
  2. Low level laser therapy (LLLT)
  3. Home use devices

In addition, all of these laser types can produce different frequency of light output (although it is typically around the 670nm wavelength that is found to be the most effective for treating hair loss, with any lower wavelengths being less efficient. They can produce this light either as a continuous wave or in pulses and both methods have been found to work effectively.

Dome Laser Devices

If you choose to have your laser treatment for hair loss carried out using a dome shaped laser then you will spend your treatment sessions sat in a treatment chair with you head in a dome shaped device (similar to the machines seen in old fashioned hair dressers). The inside of the dome is lined with lasers that pulse out light of a particular frequency in order to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss by breaking down DHT (which is a molecule that is known to cause hair loss).

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Low level laser therapy includes any laser treatment that uses a low energy pulse of light to stimulate your hair follicle growth. This includes phototherapy, but you should ensure that you understand the difference between phototherapy (which involves directing light at the visible spectrum at your scalp) and laser therapy (which involved directing infrared light at your scalp).

Home use devices

Home use devices are of two common types, the laser comb and the hand held laser. Many clinics that use one of the other two types of laser treatment suggest that you use a laser comb at home to help to enhance you results from your laser treatment. The laser comb is used like a normal comb, except that it emits light waves towards your scalp as you brush your hair in order to stimulate your hair growth and reduce your hair loss. Other hand held devices might involve you simply holding them against you scalp for various lengths of time depending on the operating instructions.

With all of the hand held devices it is vitally important that you read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use. This will prevent you from holding the laser device too close to your scalp or for too long and risking burning yourself. It is advisable to ask your GP or your hair treatment specialist on advice for choosing the model that is best for you before making a purchase. 

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