What are Hair Implants?

How do Hair Implants differ from Hair Transplants?

Hair implants consist of hair which is grown or manufactured outside your body, i.e. someone else’s hair or synthetic hair; transplant grafts are your own hairs which are taken from either the back of your scalp or from your arms and legs.

Why would you want a Hair Implant rather than a Hair Rransplant?

Some people are unable to produce any hair through genetic defects like alopecia areata. Others simply have inadequate amounts of donor hair to be transplanted from the back of the scalp onto other regions of the body due to burns, trauma, or advanced male-/female-patterned baldness. In these cases, you may begin to consider hair implants which are taken either from someone else’s hair or are synthetic fibres.

Although the desire to get hair implants in these cases is understandable, there is really no safe method for such surgeries. If you attempt to use other people’s follicular units as your graft, your body will most likely succumb to graft-versus-host disease in which the body rejects this alien organ which has been inserted into your scalp. Synthetic hairs have equally disastrous effects as they cause scarring, infection, and, of course, they will never grow or look natural as they are by definition unnatural.

If you are incapable of growing hair or do not have enough hair to transplant, consider wigs or hair systems which will help enhance your look without placing your health at risk.

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