Traveling Abroad for Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation is quickly growing in popularity across the world and it may be a way to save money if you can go abroad for this surgery. Popular spots include the USA, Europe, and Asia, all of which have legitimate clinics, and all of which may have less than credible clinics.

How do I choose a Hair Transplant Clinic or Surgeon Abroad?

It can be overwhelming to wade through the sea of websites which ambush the poorly prepared hair-transplant researcher. Here are a couple of ways to limit your results in order to find the country, clinic, and cost most appropriate for your needs. The first, and probably most reliable, method of searching would be to search the credentials of the surgeons you’re seeking. Surgeons who are focused on hair transplants will typically have some sort of advanced certificate in trichology, either from medical school or from a trichology society. Search for trichology societies in your region, or in the region you want to have your surgery in; most trichological societies post a list of their certified members and clinics on their websites. The Institute of Trichologists, for example, lists three clinics, one in the UK, US, and Cyprus. It is then up to you to look through their members and clinics in order to decide which would be the best fit for you.

Another method would be to search online by the country you’re thinking of having your surgery in. This will bring up more specific results and you can then compare the photographs, prices, and procedures of each clinic or surgeon you encounter. While reading through and comparing information, ensure that they have the necessary qualifications. 

Why should I look at Hair Transplant Clinics Abroad?

There are a few reasons people may choose to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad. The first reason is price. Often if you go to a country which gives you a profitable exchange rate on your currency, you will be able to save money. Another reason is anonymity; if you are undergoing a hair transplant, you may not want people to see the drastic change in your appearance as you heal. Gaining thicker hair in smaller stages by staying abroad until the newly transplanted hairs fall out then returning so it will grow slowly over the next few months in the UK may be a clever way to retain your natural appearance. A final reason is that more experienced surgeons may be found in other parts of the world. The United States, for example, has one of the highest numbers of well-qualified plastic surgeons in the world; to find doctors who have been in practice for a significant period of time and therefore have more experience with hair surgeries, it may be worthwhile to look outside of the UK in which this type of surgery is relatively new.

Important Considerations

While these are valid reasons to go abroad, here are a few things to consider before going overseas. First, it is far more difficult to have a one-on-one chat with multiple surgeons to determine which is right for you as you may be on a time-limit once you go abroad. While you can correspond online, it is not as genuine as meeting face-to-face and you may not be able to accurately gauge the accuracy of their work. Second, while you may save some money on the procedure’s actual cost, you must factor in journey expenses as well as return visits for further sessions if necessary. Finally, if you desire a ‘natural’ appearance, you could simply take a few weeks off and stay at home to recuperate from your surgery rather than staying abroad during the initial stages of the surgery’s outcome.

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