FUE Cost

Although there may be benefits to using FUE transplants instead of micrografting because it is more ‘natural’, the price for this laborious surgery is generally double or even triple that of a micrografting procedure. The average price for this type of transplant is can vary from £7,000 upto £20,000 depending on how many grafts are needed. The surgery can involve considerable investment, as the surgeon must take out each follicular unit at a time whereas micro grafts can have a team of assistants working simultaneously with microscopes to cut out the follicles from the scalp strip. With FUE, the surgeon alone must use microscopic goggles to remove the Follicular units largely without assistance. Generally this also means that a single session can only involve approximately 500 grafts transplanted at a time while micrografting can safely transplant up to 3,000 grafts in a session. The more sessions you require, the more money you will spend. Many feel that it is worth it for the extra care and time that is involved in the FUE process, but ultimately that is up to you.

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