Results of Halo Elite for Hair Loss

Unlike other more invasive methods for treating hair loss or surgical hair replacement methods, Halo Elite therapy results will take a while before they are visible. This is because Halo Elite therapy works when the light emitted by the laser diodes (within the Halo Elite device) stimulates your hair follicles. This stimulation increases the growth rate of your hair and reduces hair loss by increasing the blood flow and lymph flow to your scalp. This means that your hair is provided with more nutrients that it needs to grow and the waste products of the metabolisms (of your growing hair cells) are removed more efficiently. Whilst these effects of the stimulation by the laser leads to increased hair growth and reduced hair loss, this effect cannot be seen immediately due to the slow nature of hair growth and the fact that the effect of reduced hair loss will not be visible straight away. You may find this extremely frustrating if you are looking for a more immediate visible result and if you are looking for a hair replacement treatment that will cause you to have more hair on your head for a particular event that is occurring imminently, the you might want to consider another hair loss treatment method other that Halo Elite therapy.

Natural Results with Halo Elite Treatment for Hair Loss

Due to the fact that Halo Elite therapy stimulates your natural hair growth, the results will be completely natural and reflect your natural hair growth pattern. Your hair will look healthier and feel stronger because of the increased flow of nutrients to your hair cells (via the increased blood flow to your scalp that will be produced by the laser stimulation). The gradual nature of the increase in your hair growth (and the reduction in your hair loss) will mean that the natural results produced by your Halo Elite treatment for hair loss will not build up naturally so that most people will probably not realise that you are having any hair loss therapy at all. In fact you may even experience people asking you what new hair products you are using!

After Halo Elite & Hair Density Maintenance

Once you have completed your full course of Halo Elite treatment (whether it is after 6 months or after two years) you might be concerned about how to maintain the results created by your Halo Elite therapy. During your final Halo Elite therapy session, your Halo Elite therapist will discuss your results with you and make sure that you are happy with your final head of hair and they will be able to answer any questions that you may have about maintaining your improved hair density. They will be able to give you advice on what hair products to use and what to avoid as well as discussing follow-up treatment with you if this is an option that you are considering. You may want to consider continuing to use a home laser device in order to continue laser therapy at a more relaxed frequency (especially if you have been using a hand held device throughout your treatment at your Halo Elite clinic. In addition you may want to switch to one of the shampoos and/or conditioners recommended by your Halo Elite clinic in order to reduce the risk of your hair loss problems reoccurring.

Your Halo Elite therapist may also want to give you some general tips on how to maintain a healthy head of hair for a long period of time. This advice may include ensuring that you maintain a low stress level (as stress is known to enhance hair loss) as well as how to avoid certain hair products and/or treatments. They may also give you some vouchers for hair care products if you recommend the clinic to your friends or family. This could be a good way of reducing the price of your new found hair maintenance products, but might not be an option that you want to consider if you are trying to keep the fact that you have had hair loss treatment quiet!

Hair loss is a natural effect of ageing so you may find that (after the end of your Halo Elite treatment) as you continue to age, your hair loss returns. This does not mean that your Halo Elite treatment has stopped working; it is simply due to the effects of time and the natural life cycle of your hair cells. Obviously if, at this stage after the end of your Halo Elite treatment, you decide that you want to treat your hair loss again, you will simply be able to get back into contact with your local Halo Elite clinic and have another consultation to set up a new Halo Elite treatment plan. Depending on how much time has passed, you might even be able to get a cheaper deal for your second set of treatment!

However, it is more likely that you will find that your hair loss does not return for a long time as occurs in 85% of Halo Elite patients. This is due to the long lasting effects of improved blood flow and lymph flow to your scalp that are produced by Halo Elite therapy. In this case you will probably need to re-start your hair loss therapy from the beginning if you start to experience it again many years after the completion of your Halo Elite treatment.    

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