Finance & Loans for Hair Transplants

Hair transplant surgery is a costly matter and you must also take into consideration that you may need to undergo further treatments.  You will need to ensure that you will have enough money for any additional treatments that might be necessary as sometimes further hair loss can occur or sometimes the transplanted hair doesn’t take properly to the new area.  This can lead to your hair appearing clumpy or thin, or lead to you having small bald areas that need to be rectified. 

Prices for hair transplants will vary according to your surgeon and where you have the surgery.  Also, every transplant is different and the cost of yours will depend on the number of hair follicles that you wish to have grafted. 

Strip grafting is the most affordable form of hair transplant, although rarely is it used as a complete treatment now.  Within the UK you can expect to spend £3500 on strip grafting for around 1000 hair grafts. 

Usually strip grafting is used in conjunction with micro grafts, in order to make your hairline natural in appearance.  The price of these range from around £3500 for 500.  You can expect to pay between £2500 and £6000 for a hair transplant within the UK.

As a general rule the cost of each graft will lessen slightly the more are being performed.  A larger transplant will be more expensive but each plug or graft will be comparatively cheaper.

The exact cost of your hair transplant will be discussed with you before your surgery.

There are many companies which now specialise in giving out loans for those who wish to have cosmetic surgery but who cannot afford the full payment straight away.  Hair transplants are usually covered by such companies, who may be willing to help you pay for your surgery.  Often the amount of money they will help you with, and the rate at which you will have to pay this money back depends upon your financial situation and your previous credit history.  Often with these companies the interest rate in the money that you have borrowed is quite high. 

Financing your hair transplant surgery may be possible through the clinic themselves or the clinic may be able to put you in contact with a finance company. Approval can be gained instantly and this may help you to spread the cost of the hair transplants over a period of time.