Halo Elite Clinics for Hair Loss

The easiest way to find you nearest Halo Elite clinic is to search on the internet. New clinics are opening all the time so the internet provides the most up to date information.

When searching online you should be sure that you are only sourcing information from reputable websites and it is important that you do not pay for any treatment through a third party internet site. Use your internet search to find a direct link to your local Halo Elite Clinic and use the contact information on this official site to make your initial contact with the clinic (either by visiting the clinic in person and/or phoning the clinic to book your initial consultation or initial clinic viewing).

One of the best ways to identify a good Halo Elite Clinic is by word of mouth, so if you know someone who has recently undergone Halo Elite treatment then it is definitely worth finding out where they had their therapy and what they thought of the clinic. There is certainly nothing better than having a little inside information (for example they may be able to recommend a particular Halo Elite therapist over another or suggest one of the more comfy chairs to sit on in the waiting room!). Any additional information that you can digest about your local clinic will ultimately help you to feel more relaxed when you go for your initial consultation (and we all know that less stress reduces hair loss).  

Who can perform the Halo Elite Treatment

Halo Elite Treatment can only be performed by trained Halo Elite therapists. This illustrates that it is important that when you are carrying out your search for your local Halo Elite clinic you only find official Halo Elite clinics that have trained staff and follow the proper Halo Elite protocols.

If you are interested in training as a Halo Elite therapist then you should talk to your local Halo Elite clinics about carrying out one of the approved training courses. Once you have completed and passed one of the training courses you will be able to perform the Halo Elite treatment. However, most clinics require newly trained Halo Elite therapists to undergo a probationary period where their use of the Halo Elite equipment and treatment of clients is monitored to ensure that their training was effective.

How is Your Halo Elite Therapist Trained

In general Halo Elite training is carried out over two days where the perspective Halo Elite therapists will undergo intensive tuition in both practical and theoretical aspects of using Halo Elite for hair replacement. Your Halo Elite therapist will have been trained at one of the approved training centres in the use of the Halo Elite laser equipment as well as a number of applicable theoretical subjects. This will include the mechanics and history of hair loss and the treatment methods that have been used as well as the biological reasons as to how laser stimulation can increase hair growth.

A trained Halo Elite therapist will know how to evaluate your hair loss type and pattern in order to create a treatment plan that will work best for you. They will learn how to use a camera in order to assist in these evaluations and carry out specific training in consultation techniques (which will of course include sales and marketing).

Most importantly, your trained Halo Elite therapist will know the ins and outs of the Halo Elite equipment including how to use it safety and effectively and how to troubleshoot any problems that they may experience with it. This will allow them to answer any questions that you may have about the system and about your hair loss treatment plan.   

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