Hair Transplant Surgeons & Trichologists

Trichology, coming from the Greek tricos meaning hair, is the study of the scalp, hair, and follicles. A trichologist, it would follow, can be defined as simply a person who studies hair; however, in spite of this straightforward definition, the term trichologist can be a widely variable term used to describe a diverse range of occupations dealing with hair. For example, a forensic trichologist is someone who analyses hair strands at crime scenes to provide a more detailed profile for the investigators. Salon stylists can also take courses concerning trichology to broaden their understanding of how hair grows and how to care for it, but this is generally information about how to improve the quality of the hair, not the actual medical components of hair study.

Trichologists & Hair Transplants

Surgeons and doctors can obtain sub-specialty certificates or take specialist courses in trichology which teach them about the scientific processes behind hair growth and how best to utilise this information within their own practice. When looking for a cosmetic surgeon, you may want to consider finding one who has a speciality in medical trichology. During the preliminary appointment with your surgeon, ask about his/her credentials and whether or not he/she has a specialised focus on hair transplants or trichology. In so doing, you would ensure that your surgeon has a firm scientific knowledge on how to safely remove hairs and their follicles to other parts of the scalp. Furthermore, as a specialist, a trichological surgeon may have more experience with the delicate procedures involved in hair restoration since he/she would focus specifically on transplanting hair rather than other cosmetic surgery procedures.

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