Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Results

The main disadvantage of laser treatment for hair loss is that you will not see any visible results for about 6-12 months. This not only means that you will need to be extremely patient when looking to achieve your goal, but it also means that you may carry out the treatment for a year before you realise that your hair follicles have not responded to the treatment at all. This can be extremely frustrating and you should realise that this will occur before you book and pay for a large number of laser treatment sessions. 

After Laser Treatment for Hair Loss & Recovery

Immediately after your sessions you may find that your head feels a little hot to touch due to the energy absorbed by your scalp from the laser instruments, however most people do not even feel this and simply walk out of the laser clinic as they would walk out of the hair dressers. Due to the slow nature of the visible results, you will see very little difference in your hair immediately after you step out of the clinic and this will be an advantage to you if you are hoping to have hair treatment without too many people knowing about it.

Your clinic may suggest that you use a hand held laser device at home in order to supplement the laser treatment that you receive in the clinic. If this is the case then you will need to use this in the manner suggested by your laser therapist in order to ensure that you reap the best results from it. This may involve you using a laser comb for a few minutes (typically around ten minutes) every day after your laser treatment until your last session.

Once your entire treatment plan is completed you should have increased hair density and reduced hair loss. Your hair will be thicker, stronger and (potentially) longer and will fall out less often. However, you may still experience some natural hair loss and you might need to have further treatment at a later date to help you to maintain your hair density.

Natural Results with Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Due to the fact that the laser therapy acts to stimulate your natural hair growth, the resulting increase in growth rate will produce a very natural growth pattern. This means that your resulting hair will look natural with all of the hair follicles growing in the direction and angle that they would naturally, but they will (hopefully) be growing quicker, stronger and thicker after your laser treatment sessions.

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