Am I Suitable for Halo Elite Treatment for Hair Loss?

Due to the non-invasive nature of the Halo Elite treatment, most people will be found suitable for Halo Elite treatment for hair loss. Halo Elite therapy has been found to be effective on all hair types (straight, curly, thick thin etc.) and can improve both hair loss and increase hair re-growth. However, there are a few exceptions where you may find yourself unsuitable for Halo Elite treatment for hair replacement.

Exclusions from Halo Elite Treatment for Hair Loss

If you currently have active cancer on your scalp you will not be suitable for treatment with Halo Elite therapy. This is because of the potential for the laser treatment to enhance the rate of growth of your cancer cells (as well as your hair growth). However, if you are currently being treated with chemotherapy 9and you no longer have active cancer on your scalp) then you may well be suitable for hair loss treatment with the Halo Elite method. In fact many people use Halo Elite as their treatment method to reduce the hair loss effects of chemotherapy and/or to help to increase the rate of return of their normal hair coverage and quality once they have completed chemotherapy.

If you are completely bald (i.e. if you have either Alopecia universalis or Alopecia totalis) then you may not be suitable for treatment with Halo Elite. If you are male and have been found to have a Hamilton-Norwood score of 5 or above then you will not be suitable for Halo Elite therapy and (similarly) females with a Savin score above 3 will be excluded from Halo Elite treatment. This is due to the fact that your hair follicles may have reduced to the state where they would be completely unreceptive to laser therapy. However, if you are completely bald (or score highly on these scales) then you might still want to discuss your situation with a Halo Elite therapist as (in some rare cases) they may still be able to offer you a bespoke treatment plan or discuss alternative methods with you....So it is always worth meeting them in person for a free discussion before assuming there is no hope.     

Special Cases for Treatment with Halo Elite for Hair Loss

If you suffer from photosensitivity (light sensitivity) then you should be sure to discuss this with your Halo Elite therapist during your first consultation. They will need you to fill out a specific proclaimer explaining that your condition may result in an adverse reaction to the laser treatment used within your Halo Elite therapy. It is important that you read this document carefully and understand any implications to your statutory rights and the risks involved. If you suffer from photosensitivity, this condition will not necessarily make you unsuitable for treatment with Halo Elite, however your Halo Elite clinic will certainly want to perform a patch test on a small area of your skin to ensure that you do not have an adverse reaction to the lasers. If the patch test is successful your Halo Elite therapist will most probably see you again a few days later to perform a complete Halo Elite treatment. At the end of this treatment they will certainly want to review your condition to ensure that you still have no reaction from the laser therapy. Once these tests are completed you will most probably be able to complete your Halo Elite treatment for hair loss in the same way as any other client.

In a similar way, if you have epilepsy then you will not necessarily be unsuitable for treatment with Halo Elite therapy, however you will need to fill out and sign a proclaimer to show that you understand the risks involved. You will be required to wear glasses throughout your Halo Elite treatment (as all patients are required to do) however you will also be instructed to keep your eyes closed throughout the treatment session and you may be asked to keep an additional cover in front of your eyes as well. (Previous epileptics that have used Halo Elite treatment for hair loss have reported putting a towel over their face to ensure that they didn’t see any of the flashes from the lasers that could potentially have triggered an epileptic fit.)

If you are currently suffering from cancer then (provided the cancer has not been active on your scalp for at least five years) you will receive the normal Halo Elite treatment. Obviously you will not be able to receive any laser treatment over an area where you have active cancer. In addition, if you have lymphatic cancer (Hodgkin’s or Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) or your cancer has spread into your lymph nodes then you will not be suitable for laser therapy. This is because of the potential for the laser therapy to stimulate your lymphatic cancer cells at the same time as stimulating your natural lymphatic system. You may also be asked to bring a signed letter from your GP stating that they are happy for you to undergo Halo Elite treatment. In fact, you would be wise to discuss your intentions with your GP even if your Halo Elite therapist does not require this document as your GP will be able to discuss your personal risks in more detail (as they will have a more in depth knowledge of your cancer and your circumstances).

If you are under the age of 18 years old then you will be unsuitable for receiving Halo Elite treatment unless you have a signed consent form from your legal guardian or parent. Most clinics adopt the policy of not performing Halo Elite treatment on anyone under the age of 15 years old; however, if you have special circumstances and have spoken to your GP then they may be able to grant an exception for you.

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