Alternatives to Hair Transplants

There are many hair loss treatments on the market that claim to help men to re-grow hair, or to stop them from going bald.  However, there are very few that have any accreditation, many being sold despite no real benefits being researched. 


This is a cream which you can use to promote hair growth, and is the only such cream that has been licensed within the UK as a treatment for hair loss.  Initially the drug was used as a tablet for blood pressure management, however the effects on patients hair was noticed and the drug was developed as a cream.

You can get Regaine from pharmacies in two strengths, 2% or 5%, which is then rubbed into the scalp on a daily basis.  

Minoxodil/Regaine Results

Around 1/3 of men who use Regaine will see some regrowth, however the hair that grows back is often of a different texture to the rest of their hair.  Instead it seems to help men retain their hair, rather than grow it back.  Most men who use Regaine don’t lose any additional hair when they start using the cream.  Results won’t be seen for around 4 months after initially starting to use Regaine, if there are no noticeable benefits after a year then it doesn’t work for you.

Cost of Regaine

Using Regaine on a daily basis will cost you around £30 per month. 

Regaine Pros

Regaine is a non invasive treatment, there is no need for surgery and there are no risks of infection or any other surgery related problems. There is around a 1/3 success rate with regards to hair growth. Regaine can help you to stop your hair loss in its tracks.

Regaine Cons

It will take around 4 months before you see any visible results. In the majority of men there will be little or no difference in hair re-growth. Regaine is quite expensive, around £30 per month, and as soon as you stop using it your hair loss will continue at the rate that it did before.


This is a drug that can help to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.  The drug acts by reducing the levels of DHT within the scalp, this hormone is responsible for thinning hair follicles.  This drug cannot be taken if you are a women, as it can prove harmful. 

You can only get Propecia on a private prescription in the UK, which can prove costly. 

Propecia Pros

Taking a tablet does not incur the same risks as surgery does. As effective as Regaine with regards hair growth and stopping your hair loss.

Propecia Cons

You can only get the tablet on a private prescription. It has been known to cause side effects such as impotence and lessened semen volume, but only in a small percentage of users.  Once you stop taking Propecia these return back to normal. Like Regaine, it is best used to help you prevent any further hair loss as opposed to helping you to regrow lost hair.

Hormone Therapy for Women

Estrogen, the female sex hormone, promotes the healthy growing of hair and can be applied to women in order to help them retain or re-grow hair that is thinning.  This is usually done in the form of HRT drugs, replacing estrogen that your body might be lacking.

Hormone Therapy for Men 

One of the main causes for male baldness is over sensitivity to testosterone, or the over productivity of this hormone.  Hormone therapy can alter this, and doctors or specialists can check your hormone levels to determine how best to do this.  Usually the solution is the application of hormone altering drugs, slowing the conversion of testosterone or the levels of testosterone within the body and blocking DHT.  This is often used in conjunction with an altered exercise and nutrition regime.  A hormone specialist will have to be consulted in order to treat your hormone levels. 


The use of herbs has become more widespread in treating all sorts of ailments and illnesses, hair loss is included in this.  You can buy herbs from pharmacies and from herb stores or health centres.  You will be able to talk to someone regarding which herbs might work best for you but the most commonly used for hair loss are:

  • Flaxseed oil

    This has been noted to help with the circulation of blood reaching your scalp, and can help you to de-tox and increase your capacity for fighting illness.

  • Vitamins B and C
  • These vitamins are mostly used to combat stress related hair loss, and strengthen the hair while reducing the amount of oils within the scalp. 

  • Chamomile
  • This can be used in many different forms such as tea, shampoo or hair treatments, and has been noted to help healthy hair growth and strengthen the hair. 

  • Dong Quai
  • This herb can act like pharmaceutical drug to reduce the amount of testosterone that changes into dihydrotestosterone, which in turn affects hair follicles.

Wigs/Hair Pieces

These can be bought online or in shops and range in price depending on their quality.  The best wigs are fitted to you and are properly measured and made for your scalp and hair colour.  These can provide a very effective solution to your balding, looking very natural.  The better fitting your wig or hair piece, the more natural it will look. 

Wigs are made from many different materials, and this also will determine the price of your wig.  The most expensive wigs are made from European hair, although slightly cheaper wigs are also made from Asian or Indian real hair.  Sometimes real hair is mixed with animal hair, for example horse or angora hair can be used to produce wigs.  The cheapest wigs are made from purely animal hair, and might look or feel very unlike real hair.  Synthetic materials can also be used to produce wigs, and these can also be mixed with a combination of human or animal hair to produce a realistic feel. 

A wig can cost you anything from £100 to £500 or even up to £1000 to buy. 

Spray on Hair

Spray on hair is best used to cover minimal or small patches of baldness.  It makes the hair look thicker and sprays thin fibres onto the scalp that look like hair, so covering up any bald patches with a lifelike hair substitute.  You can buy the product in many different colours and it is available in some pharmacies or online.

A can of spray on hair will cost you around £15 to £30, and often other products are sold alongside hair sprays such as thickening shampoos or conditioners.