Hair Transplant Aftercare & Recovery

Due to the side effects of the surgery including swelling as far down as your eyes and scabbing around the hair follicles, your scalp will be tender and it is advisable to take at least one week off from work or any other activities outside the home to let the scalp recuperate. Before the surgery, it will be necessary to stop smoking two weeks before the surgery and to continue not smoking for at least a month afterwards to ensure blood flow continues uninhibited to the new follicles. Someone must drive you home after the surgery as you will most likely be given a sedative to relax you during the procedure. You must avoid the sun so your cut scalp is not exposed to dangerous UV radiation. After the first day or two, you should start washing your hair as usual. Shampooing not only cleans away the dead skin on your scalp, but it also cleans the scabs around your hairs which will ensure the scabbing does not affect the sheath of the hair which could harm the follicles and cause you to lose them.

If you have had a micrograft transplant, you may be bandaged around the back of the head where the strip was removed. If this is the case, the bandage will need to stay clean and dry for a day. After that, you should be able to remove the bandage and shower as normal. In many cases a bandage will not even be required. Dissolving sutures may be used to sew up the strip but if not you will need to return to the surgeon in two weeks to have them removed.

Your doctor will have specific guidelines for pre- and post-surgery procedures and should provide you with a list of do’s and do not’s to follow before you get the transplant and after you make it home.

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